Video baby monitor with camera: is it better fixed or motorized?

Video baby monitor with camera: is it better fixed or motorized?

Until recently, being able to remotely control your baby through the help of baby monitors with cameras might have seemed exaggerated. With simple best playpen for toddler, yet practical, baby radios you could be sure to cover every need if your baby woke up.

In typical baby monitor camera installations, the subject of the shot will always be your cute brat. Unfortunately (fortunately it depends on your point of view) that adorable little human larva will start moving and before you know it, it will move both in the crib and also out like a little monkey at the zoo. When this happens, and believe me if I tell you it will happen sooner or later, you will find yourself wondering how he did it?

Having to choose the video baby monitor for babies, one of the options available among the best video baby monitors is to have the motorized camera to remotely control the baby.

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How to choose the best baby monitor

The baby monitor is a great ally of mothers and fathers, because it allows them to enjoy moments of relaxation or to concentrate on housework without ever losing sight of their child.

The first choice to make is between audio-only baby monitors and baby monitors with LED screens. Audio-only baby monitors allow you to hear your baby’s breathing and crying. They have an inadequate number of structures and are cooler to manage The baby monitors with video allow not only to hear the voice of the newborn, but also to see and observe him; the latter are the most requested, not only since they use to have a top level of security, but also as they use to have more purposes.

Signal transmission distance

A good baby monitor is one that can be used over long distances, because it allows you to use it not only in small rooms, but also in larger rooms or even outdoors. The latest generation baby monitors are equipped with a wireless and / or WiFi connection and can be managed through applications to be downloaded to the smartphone. In this way, it is possible to cover very long ranges and guarantee a very wide coverage. 

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Image quality

If you are dealing with a video baby monitor, it is good that the images that are returned are of quality. The child must be clearly visible. Discriminating, in this sense, may be the presence of the zoom, which allows you to pay attention to details, and the presence of infrared, which guarantee high quality images even during the night.


Whether it’s audio-only devices or video-only devices, sensors can be important. A sensor that is almost always present is the one that detects the temperature: it allows you to know at any time how many degrees are present in the environment where the child is and to signal unhealthy situations.

A sensor that is not always present, but that could make a difference, is the one that detects the respiratory rate. This accessory causes the device to make a sound when the baby’s breathing stops for an extended time that may be suspicious, allowing you to intervene promptly.

Rechargeable battery

Generally, the baby monitor runs on electricity. What happens, though, if the power fails? Should you give up watching your baby from afar? It may be dangerous.