These Apps Drain Your Phone’s Battery Fast – Remove Them Right Now!


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The battery draining problem is one of the common problems among smartphone users. It seems to be impossible when you have to back up your battery life for the entire day. In our previous posts, we have shared some useful hacks to prevent draining of your battery and also, some apps that can help you in saving your battery life.  

Among all those methods to save your phone’s battery life, identifying the app which is draining your battery and dealing with it individually is a golden rule. Today we are sharing some apps which drain the smartphone’s battery fast in comparison to other apps.

One or more than one of these apps may prove to be useful for you but while it is about saving your battery life, you have to do something with these apps.

1. Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most famous and unique photo chatting app. As per the studies, this app is counted in the list of the apps which drain the smartphone’s battery fast. Despite the battery, it also uses lots of data and memory. These details can be seen in the App info in the Task Manager.

2. Facebook

It is very hard to live widout Facebook but it is the fact that Facebook is the one that drains your smartphone’s battery very fast. It would be batter for you to put off your mobile data or wifi to stop the background process of the app or you can simply force stop the app while not in use.

3. Clean Master

The app claims to clean-up your phone automatically but the fact that it also drains your battery is no more a secret. Just remove it or force stop it to help your battery to survive more than its usual time.

4. Amazon Shopping

Even when you are not using it, Amazon Shopping app runs in the background and consumes your battery life. It is suggested that use it while you need it otherwise put it off from settings.

5. Call Recorder

Call recorders are usually not used by people but it is important to know that these call recording apps also devour your battery life very fast. Just be specific while using any call recorder.

6. Twitter

The social media app is also considered as one of the most efficient apps while it is about battery draining. One of the most dominant mediums of communication nowadays is Twitter and uninstalling it is not possible for you. You can stop the app when you are running out of battery.

Caution: Force Stopping any app will stop it’s all background process and you may not receive any push notification from the app until you start it again by using it or from the task manager.

Above mentioned Apps Drain Smartphone’s Battery Fast. We will be updating the list soon. till then please let us know if you know any other app which drains the smartphone’s battery fast.

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