The Making of the Shopping Sites Under International Rules

The Making of the Shopping Sites Under International Rules

Make sure the site you are going to buy from is serious best pressure cooker. To do this, consult the “who are we?” “Or” “legal notices” that any merchant site must have under law. Are you using a new site for the first time? Find out about its “e-reputation” by typing “the name of the brand + review” or “the name of the brand + scam” in your search engine. Here are the things you need to be sure of online shopping now.

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Finally, prefer French or European sites:

Your purchases made outside the EU will not be protected by European law and best pressure cooker review , in the event of fraud, you will have more difficulty in obtaining compensation.


Avoid making purchases from a computer or smartphone connected to public wifi access, including in a hotel or café: these accesses are often less secure and more likely to be hacked.

At the time of payment, the site address must be preceded by a small padlock and the letters “https” (the “s” indicating that the connection is secure). Also check that the site address in the navigation bar is spelled correctly to thwart any “pharming” attempt  .


Don’t just rely on the image:

Read the product description carefully to check the size, materials, composition, accessories provided. You can also consult the opinions of other customers but, beware, some messages extolling the Product qualities may have been written by the e-merchants themselves.

Compare the prices and services offered by several sites: it is by multiplying the criteria that you will be able to ensure the safety and quality of your purchase. If the offer is too good, maybe it has something to hide.

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How? ‘Or’ What?

Communicate only the information necessary for delivery and purchase (i.e. your address, card number, expiration date and 3-digit cryptogram) and never transmit your confidential code to 4 digits. In the event of fraudulent expenditure, your insurance may not take charge of purchases confirmed by entering this code.

To avoid being the collateral victim of the possible hacking of an e-commerce site that you regularly visit, refuse the registration of your bank details and your login details.

Whether they are urban or rural inhabitants, more and more French people, anxious to better control their budget and avoid the rush of stores, are shopping online. This year, for Christmas, they were almost 40% to order from a computer or a mobile, a stable figure compared to the previous year. After the resale of unnecessary gifts, some now have the sales in their sights. Avira, an agency for the protection of connected people, offers some advice to avoid the inconvenience of shopping online.

Are you buying online? Protect yourself by adopting the right reflexes

Buying on e-commerce sites has become a habit for almost half of French people. The Internet has become their favorite store, although most go to stores to locate the desired item. If online products allow you to save some money without facing the crowds of big days, whether at Christmas or during sales, in the absence of certain precautions, there are many risks, recalls the protection agency Avira.